Many parents engage and pay with their own funds for support providers and businesses to provide activities, lessons, classes, and opportunities for their child that may be included on their child’s learning plan and that they may include in their weekly Observing for Learning.

Related to COVID-19, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their child when working with these third-party services. A parent may wish to inquire about the health and safety protocols employed by the business or individual. Some topics for inquiry could include:

  • Measures implemented to follow up-to-date orders and province wide restrictions from the public health officer
  • Environmental measures – changes in the physical environment to reduce exposure, such as:
    • Good ventilation and air exchange
    • Using visual cues for physical distancing or directing traffic flow in hallways
    • Erecting physical barriers where appropriate
    • Frequent cleaning and disinfection
  • Administrative measures – policies and procedures to reduce exposure, such as:
    • Mask-wearing
    • Physical distancing
    • Hand hygiene for staff and customers
    • Small groups/cohorts and arrangement of people within the space

SelfDesign Learning Foundation (SDLF) takes the health and safety of our learners seriously. Those support providers who are engaged and paid for by SelfDesign to provide services related to the educational program are required to agree to SelfDesign’s COVID-19 Protocols.