Imagine an innovative and personalized approach to learning …

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We go above and beyond the walls of a classroom because your child does too.
We offer a personalized and flexible approach to education for approximately 2,000 learners from kindergarten to grade 12 each year.
Our B.C. certified educators provide personalized one-to-one learning.
Our foundation supports tuition-free education for residents of B.C.
Your child can graduate with a B.C. Certificate of Graduation, Adult Graduation Diploma or School Completion Certificate. They have the same opportunity to apply for university or college as a child in a brick-and-mortar school.
Our inclusive education program provides equal access to learning opportunities for all learners, by providing personalized support services to learners with special needs.


  • What to expect in each grade
  • Who are our educators
  • What a calendar year looks like
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  • Where learning takes place
  • What is personalized learning
  • What is online learning
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  • Our support services are for learners with special needs
  • How we support your child
  • Our support services team
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A supportive learning experience in your home, online and community

Your child takes the lead in their own learning in your own home environment and within your local and online communities, guided by one of approximately 185 B.C. certified educators.

We also engage professional service providers to support your child in areas such as music, art, speech and occupational therapy, physical education classes, and more.

You are an expert in knowing your child and are a valued part of the circle of relationships that include parent, learner and educator.

As a new model of education for the 21st century, online learning offers solutions to many of the challenges faced by traditional brick-and-mortar schools. It also provides learning experiences that are flexible and supportive of the needs of today’s generation of learners.

Online learning meets provincial standards and is directed and supervised by a B.C. certified educator, with the responsibility for the program resting on SelfDesign Learning Community.

Homeschooling should not be confused with online learning. While homeschooling is the responsibility of the parent, students enrolled in a online learning school such as SelfDesign Learning Community are guided and supported by teachers certified by the B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch.

What sets us apart

Learning happens everywhere

Prepared for success

Personalized learning

A supportive approach

B.C. Ministry of Education approved

Indigenous Learning

SelfDesign Learning Experiences Library

Inclusive education

What I love about SelfDesign®

Our numbers tell a story

In the 2018-19 learning year, we celebrated many successes.


Learners were supported in the SelfDesign Learning Community K-12 program.


Learners with Special Needs were supported through our Support Services.


Camps, gatherings and in-person events took place for our learners and families.


Learners completed their education with SelfDesign Learning Community

What our families have to say

SelfDesign has provided us the academic flexibility to focus on our children’s individual needs as well as clarifying our family values and aligning our studies with what matters to us most. Creating a warm, cozy learning environment at home has not only allowed us to connect more deeply as a family but it’s also allowed our children to blossom emotionally while feeling unconditional love and support.”

Leslie & Thomas, SelfDesign Parents

…Learning isn’t something that happens when a child reaches a certain age, but when there is an intuitive need for knowledge. When they are allowed to learn at their own rate, what they are truly curious about, they are in a natural state of love and learning is effortless…I love that SelfDesign honours our individual approach to learning.”

Shelly, SelfDesign Parent