Pursuing learning independently


SelfDesign® Home Learning has been serving learners since 1989.

SelfDesign® Home Learning offers an alternative to the SelfDesign® Learning Community K-12 online learning program by providing the opportunity for your child to learn independently at home.

It’s the most flexible option if you wish to take on the responsibility for your child’s education and you are not concerned with B.C. Ministry of Education and Child Care requirements.

How is SelfDesign Home Learning different from SelfDesign Learning Community’s K-12 program?

If you’d like to homeschool your child, you are required to register your child in a recognized school as per the provincial School Act.
SelfDesign Home Learning differs from our regular K-12 program in the following ways:
Families do not work with an educator.
Parents take responsibility for the learning program and do not report to the school.
Learners’ work is not assessed.
Learners do not earn credit for courses in grades 10 to 12, nor graduate and earn a high-school diploma.

Have questions about SelfDesign Home Learning?

To learn more about SelfDesign Home Learning, please contact us at homelearning@selfdesign.org.

We can also direct you to local homeschooling support groups if you have additional questions about homeschooling your child.

Learn more about homeschooling from the B.C. Ministry of Education and Child Care.

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