SelfDesign® is the art and science of lifelong learning

SelfDesign® nurtures autonomy, curiosity, connection and collaboration, authenticity, confidence, open-mindedness, respect and resilience in all learners.
That every learner, regardless of age, brings a unique contribution to the world. SelfDesign ensures that the learning environment becomes the vehicle rather than the obstacle in making those contributions come to life.
That people learn everywhere and in every moment and that learning is enriched and amplified through conversations and relationships with others.
In the safety, acceptance and inclusion of all learners in regard to ability, learning style, culture, race, personal or spiritual beliefs, gender identity and expression

When we allow natural learning habits to flourish, our children can fly with new wings of understanding.”

– Brent Cameron, Founder of SelfDesign Learning Foundation

Open the door to lifelong learning…

Author your own learning journey


Innovative education for people of all ages and abilities


Learning through relationships with parents, peers, educators and community


Learning is everywhere, curiosity is the beginning


Fostering personal, social, and global awareness and responsibility


Learn what you love, love what you learn


The art and science of lifelong learning

The SelfDesign model has nothing to do with schooling and everything to do with lifelong learning. It is a model that has emerged from real children learning together in true freedom – freedom to be curious and enthusiastic, freedom to work together in community. This model has come from the experts in learning – the children. It has also been integrated with the latest scientific insights into how we are optimally designed as human beings.

This emerging methodology is the art and science of SelfDesign….

Founder Brent Cameron, with River Meyer
Unfolding Our Infinite Wisdom Within SelfDesign, 2012

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Unfolding Our Infinite Wisdom Within
Brent Cameron and River Meyer

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