Leading by example

The SelfDesign® Learning Foundation is led by a passionate Board of Directors and Leadership Team who strive to make a difference in the lives of our learners and families.

Our board of directors

Carlos da Ponte

Devon Girard

Frank Heinzelmann

Sherry Elwood

Verena Gibbs
SelfDesign Learning Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors consisting of up to 11 elected directors. They’re responsible for providing strategic support and expertise to ensure the continuity of the vision, legacy, and succession of leadership for SelfDesign Learning Foundation.

Our foundation leadership team

Amber Papou
President & CEO

Sandy Steward
Chief Operating Officer

Dave Conroy
Chief Information Officer

Karen Zukas
Director of Communications & Marketing

Debra Farquharson
Director of Finance

Debra Sigfusson
Director of Human Relations

River Meyer
Director of Organizational Learning & Culture

Catherine Dinim

Clarissa Tufts
Vice Principal