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At SelfDesign® Learning Foundation, we support learners of all ages and abilities in authoring their own lives and designing their own learning.

We are a registered Canadian charity, incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the province of British Columbia.

Our mission

We facilitate lifelong learning and holistic personal growth through programs,  opportunities, and support for people of all ages, with an emphasis on choice and self-direction.

Our vision

A world deeply rooted in curiosity, compassion, and learning.

Our values

Lifelong learning

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SelfDesign Learning Foundation is a first-choice option for our families because of the care and detail that is provided by our team in the delivery of an educational online program that is both relevant and meaningful to our learners.

– Amber Papou, CEO SelfDesign

Our Story

It all started with one father’s vision of creating an alternative and personalized learning experience for his daughter. 

That father was Brent Cameron, and in 1983 he turned his vision into a reality by founding what is now the SelfDesign Learning Foundation.

Brent’s daughter Ilana was born in 1977 and grew up on their homestead near Creston, B.C. Brent and his wife Maureen loved watching their child grow into toddlerhood and beyond. The couple began to notice, as most new parents/guardians do, how learning came naturally to Ilana. With encouragement rather than direct instruction, young children learn how to walk, talk, and more. Brent and Maureen quickly realized that parenting had a lot to do with tuning into Ilana’s natural rhythms, interests and desires, coming from a place of mutual respect where natural learning could be fostered. They watched Ilana bloom.

After five years of going through life in this way, Ilana was enrolled in kindergarten at her local school. She found herself in a new world, where the structure, bells, and the environment of instruction rather than cooperation were foreign to her.

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Watch Brent Cameron’s TEDx talk from 2010.

Education could be about stimulating and supporting the skills in which we excel – critical thinking, creativity and empathy. Learning could be a journey of discovery, of relationship building, of coming into oneself and one’s power — in connection and conversation with our relations. This is the work we are doing: SelfDesign supports the blossoming of consciousness in each of us.”

– Devon Girard,
Former Chair of the SelfDesign Learning Foundation

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