In June 2021, the provincial health officer issued a statement on transitioning from a COVID-19 safety plan to communicable disease prevention. In keeping with directives from the provincial health officer, the Ministry of Education, and WorkSafeBC, SelfDesign has transitioned from the 5 stage framework for K-12 education to a set of Communicable Disease Safety Protocols that will be updated as requirements change.

Please review the Communicable Disease Safety Protocols before meeting in person. In particular, note that:

  • Allowed in-person activities include:
    • Support in learners’ homes or outdoors
    • Support at places of business, such as offices, sports gyms, music studios, etc., provided that the support providers follow provincial health and safety measures.
  • The following activities are suspended for the time being:
    • Family visits with educators
    • In-person camps and learner gatherings
  • Masks
    • All adults (contractors, support providers, parents) and all learners aged 9 years and older are to wear a mask at all times while indoors, subject to exceptions outlined in the Communicable Disease Safety Protocols
  • Vaccinations

Family visits with educators and in-person camps are currently suspended due to changing local restrictions across the province. Please continue to read the updates as we provide them throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please email