FAQs are updated as provincial health orders and safety protocols change, and as information becomes available.


How are SelfDesign Learning Community’s updated Communicable Disease Safety Protocols different from the safety protocols that were part of last year’s five stages for return to in-person activities?

SelfDesign Learning Foundation and Community (SelfDesign) has shifted from using the “5 stages for return to in-person activities” framework to a set of Communicable Disease Safety Protocols, at the direction of the provincial health officer and in alignment with requirements from the Ministry of Education and WorkSafeBC. The new format identifies SelfDesign’s governing bodies and clearly sets out the protocols currently in effect that we are required to follow. We will update this information as provincial health orders and safety protocols change.

Read SelfDesign’s current safety protocols here.


Should I wear a mask when participating in in-person activities with SelfDesign?

Yes. Currently, all adults and all learners are required to wear a mask any time services are provided indoors (such as in homes, offices, or learning centres and vehicles).

Read more about mask use protocols here.


Can a Support Educator Assistant (SEA) have a learner visit their home for support sessions? 

Yes, provided the SEA follows the mandatory protocols for SelfDesign in-person activities.

Review these protocols here.


What should I do if I’m scheduled to work in-person with a learner, and I feel unwell?

If you feel ill before or during an in-person activity, take the following action(s), as appropriate to the situation:

  • Cancel the activity immediately and maximize physical distance with other people.
  • Leave the activity as soon as safely possible.
  • Move the activity online.
  • Inform your team lead and submit a Hazard and Incident Report Form immediately (or have your team lead do so on your behalf).
  • If symptoms persist, use the COVID-19 assessment tool or speak to your healthcare provider to determine if you should seek testing for COVID-19. Health questions can be directed to 8-1-1 or your healthcare provider.


What if I get sick with COVID-19 and can’t complete contract work for SelfDesign?

If you are sick and your work is impacted, please contact your Lead, or in the case of an Educator, contact Educator Assist.  We will work with you to make any necessary arrangements.


When should I complete the daily health check?

Daily health checks are not currently required. However, completing a daily health check is encouraged before participating in any in-person activities with SelfDesign learners.

More information about the Daily Health Check is available here.


Are vaccine passports required for in-person activities with SelfDesign?

No. However, proof of vaccination and the BC Vaccine Card is required to access some events, services, and businesses in BC. Parents and contractors are responsible for ensuring they meet the health and safety protocols of businesses and organizations.