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Since 1983 the SelfDesign® Learning Foundation has grown to become a global leader in the development of programs and initiatives that foster personalized and lifelong learning.

Our model and philosophy set us apart, drive every initiative and fuel our passion as leaders in education. We believe that learning is unlimited, ageless and continuous.

Currently, SelfDesign Learning Foundation operates three main programs: our kindergarten to Grade 12 school, SelfDesign Learning Community, our homeschool program, SelfDesign Home Learning, and our hands-on activities program, HomeLearners Network.

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SelfDesign Learning Community

A technology-enabled school for students from kindergarten to Grade 12

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SelfDesign Home Learning

A flexible option for parents who wish to homeschool their child

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Innovative learning leads to lifelong inspiration

SelfDesign Learning Foundation is not only an organization that offers innovative learning experiences for thousands of learners and their families each year, it’s also a strong and innovative community of like-minded individuals who believe in SelfDesign Founder Brent Cameron’s vision that learning is a personal life-long journey.”

– Amber Papou, SelfDesign CEO

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Top 5 Perks of Learning from Home

Learning at home can be liberating and fun. The ability to assess your kids’ unique strengths,  learning styles and interests—and roll with them to maximize their learning potential—is a special opportunity! Along with the ability to spend more time with […]

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Embracing individuality and our purpose

[The] SelfDesign [model] focuses on fully experiencing and expressing our sense of being and purpose. It allows us to live life as an amazing, sacred journey shared intimately with fellow travellers. The work holds at its base a belief in the essential goodness and worth of every individual.”

– Brent Cameron (Founder of SelfDesign Learning Foundation) with River Meyer
Unfolding Our Infinite Wisdom Within SelfDesign, 2012

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