Learning at home can be liberating and fun. The ability to assess your kids’ unique strengths,  learning styles and interests—and roll with them to maximize their learning potential—is a special opportunity!

Along with the ability to spend more time with your kids, your family is afforded the freedom to travel, practice religious beliefs and observe holidays not recognized by the traditional school system.

We sat down with a SelfDesign® Home Learning parent and coordinator, Lori Bender, to talk about what she believes are the top five benefits of learning from home.

1. Freedom to learn from topics of interest

Home learning provides a wonderful opportunity for your kids to follow their passions. The ability to relate core subjects like science and math to a topic that truly interests them can hold a lot of power, and motivate them to keep learning. Life skills and core competencies can be absorbed through all kinds of experiences and topics of interest!

Brick-and-mortar schools can’t always offer the same flexibility. Classes and lessons are created for the masses, and kids can be asked to learn things in ways that may unnecessarily bore or challenge them. This can lead to negative feelings about school and learning in general.

2. Learning on their own time, in their own way

We cannot expect that every kid will learn at the same rate and possess the same skills as their peers. They are all unique, and some may struggle to flourish in a top-down learning environment. Lori’s daughter needed to learn to read at a slower pace, but when she discovered a series she enjoyed, she was able to thrive.

In addition, not every day will offer the same head space for learning certain subjects or tackling particular projects. “If reading wasn’t going well on Monday, we could wait and see if she was in a better state of mind on Tuesday,” says Lori.

3. Learning in a supporting and loving environment

Learning in an environment where kids feel good about themselves is incredibly impactful! Surrounded by loving and encouraging relationships, kids are often compelled to learn more and challenge themselves to perform better at things they love.

Having a support system there to cheer them on allows kids to be themselves, gain self-confidence, and avoid things like bullying and negative peer pressure. Plus, you get to watch their growth every step of the way—ultimately building even stronger bonds.

4. Learning that empowers parents

No one knows your kids better than you do, and home learning gives you the space to make conscious decisions about what’s best for them. At brick-and-mortar schools, parents can sometimes feel like their role as the expert has been overshadowed by a teacher who has only known them for a short time.

Home learning also offers the ability to invite your kids into your life experiences and interests, and learn a thing or two yourself!

“I valued the idea that my experiences could propel my kids into academics, but embraced the idea that I was learning as well,” says Lori. “As life changes and we evolve as humans, there are always going to be new things to learn.”

5. Reaching their full potential – without an agenda

Classroom settings can make it difficult for kids to grow and evolve in their own unique ways. The expectations imparted by teachers, the Ministry of Education and Child Care and peers can influence the choices and interests that shape them. When you choose to teach your child at home, you have the ability to allow your child to expand and prosper on their own terms.

Additionally, brick-and-mortar schools don’t often incorporate skills like money management and community-building, and home learning allows you the choice to bring these important life skills to the forefront.

Parenting is an intense job, and the thought of dedicating additional time and patience to mould your kids’ education can feel overwhelming. Lori’s best piece of advice is to find your tribe. Just as it’s valuable to help your children find community and be involved in that process, it’s important to have people you connect with as a parent.


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