Start the New Year with live interest-based learning activities for kids!

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We’re all feeling it. Full bellies and full hearts going into the New Year! We hope you had an amazing holiday season with friends and family and are looking forward to starting 2023. To help get you started, we’d love [...]

HLN – Live, online learning activities to keep your kids engaged (and learning) this December!

2022-12-01T11:08:09-08:00November 30th, 2022|HomeLearners Network|

We know how busy the holiday season can be, especially with kids! Which is why HomeLearners Network (HLN) is offering some incredible live, online activities to help your kids explore their interests and passions. Parents, if you need an extra [...]

Has science left your kids feeling bamboozled? We’ve got just the guy to help

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Main feature photo and photo above by Sean St. Denis Affectionately compared to a goblin shark, and sometimes – rarely – the more pleasant “baby duck” by kids who’ve taken his HomeLearners Network (HLN) Activities, our newest Guide, [...]

How to battle imposter syndrome and empower your kid’s education

2022-09-28T15:09:14-07:00September 28th, 2022|HomeLearners Network, Our Approach|

Imposter syndrome. skepticism and fear of judgement are often the biggest challenges parents face when deciding to homeschool their kids. Lori Bender is one of these parents. She felt insecure in her ability and unsure of what her children were supposed to be learning for their age groups. It caused her to question whether home learning would be the right decision for her family. Luckily, her friend with an older son had taken the leap, giving Lori the opportunity to observe and ask questions before making her final decision. She dove into homeschooling shortly after, and years later, she’s still overjoyed with her choice.

Sending Healthy and Happy Signals to the Brain with Your Digits is the Real Digital

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Meet HomeLearnersNetwork Guide, Amber Santos! Muralist, musician, dancer, hockey mama and amateur surfer, Amber is a person of many talents. She identified as an artist at an early age, and explores art in all its forms with a focus on visual arts. Having spent over 20 years as a professional artist and over 12 years teaching art with SelfDesign Learning Community (SDLC), she’s grateful she can create safe spaces for kids to express themselves and connect with others as a Guide for HomeLearners Network.

Top 5 Creative Ways to Recycle Your Art

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As your kids continue growing - along with their love of creating - so can the stockpile of art filling your home. Understandably, artists of all ages can feel attached to their creations, and getting rid of art can be difficult. Instead of throwing away old masterpieces, HLN Guide Amber Santos shares a few fantastic ideas for recycling art while honouring artistic hard work and keeping the creative spark alive!

This Guide Weaves Fun and Connection into At Home Activities for Your Kids

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Say hello to Tanya! She’s not only a HomeLearners Network Guide, she’s been an educator for 26 years! She enjoys being a Guide at HomeLearners Network because it’s such an inclusive, supportive and imaginative space for children and youth to discover their passions and connect. Tanya started her journey as an educator in the Cowichan Valley School District as a classroom and learning support teacher. She’s also run her own tutoring business and has worked with SelfDesign Learning Foundation since 2009.

New At Home Activity Program is Transforming the Way Kids Learn

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HomeLearners Network is the latest program by SelfDesign Learning Foundation (SDLF) - an experienced and trusted provider of home learning to tens of thousands of kids for over 20 years! Dive into our history and the exciting plans we have for the future of HomeLearners Network in this interview with our CEO, Amber Papou.