SelfDesign Learning Community

Returning learners and their siblings: Re-enrolment NOW OPEN

Re-enrolment for SelfDesign® Learning Community opens today, March 8, for learners who are currently part of our kindergarten to grade 12 program. Please re-enrol as soon as possible to ensure your child’s place.

All families with learners who are completing the current learning year with SelfDesign Learning Community and wish to join us again next year should re-enrol current learners and additional siblings before April 5. After April 5, we will begin accepting enrolment applications from new families and cannot guarantee space will be available.

Visit our enrolment site to begin the re-enrolment process>


Transfer requests from SelfDesign Home Learning to SelfDesign Learning Community

Families with children currently registered with SelfDesign® Home Learning can request to transfer their child or children to SelfDesign Learning Community, where learners are supported by an educator and there are weekly program expectations.

It is important that all families who seek to transfer to SelfDesign Learning Community submit their application before April 5, 2022. After April 5, we will begin enrolling new families and cannot guarantee space will be available.

Request a transfer when you fill out the enrolment form>


Families who are new to SelfDesign

After April 5, we will open the doors to families who are new to SelfDesign to enrol. If you are new to SelfDesign and are interested in enrolling a child in our kindergarten to grade 12 program, please go to to find out how.


Support Services waitlist

Please note that we are currently maintaining a waitlist for all new learners, including siblings of current learners, who require our Support Services. This includes new learners who have a special education designation, have or have had an individualized education plan (IEP), have a relevant diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD, or have needed additional support for any reason.

If any child you would like to enrol in SelfDesign Learning Community has those requirements and you would like to be added to the support services waitlist, please choose “New Learner” under the “Support Services” option on our enrolment site to fill out an expression of interest and an intake conversation will be arranged.


SelfDesign Home Learning

Returning learners

We are now accepting re-registrations for SelfDesign Home Learning. We encourage families who are re-registering children in this homeschooling program option to complete their application before April 5.


New registrations for SelfDesign Home Learning open on April 5

We will begin accepting new registrants for SelfDesign Home Learning, our homeschool program, on April 5.

SelfDesign Home Learning is the most flexible SelfDesign option if you wish to take on the responsibility for your child’s education and you are not concerned with BC Ministry of Education requirements. With SelfDesign Home Learning, families do not work with an educator, and parents take responsibility for their children’s learning program and do not report to the school.

Under the Province’s School Act, parents who wish to homeschool their children are required to register their children in a recognized school, such as SelfDesign Learning Community.

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Application tips

Whether re-enrolling with SelfDesign Learning Community or registering for SelfDesign Home Learning, all families are required to submit residency verification each year as part of the application process by uploading the relevant documents into the enrolment form application.

Please also be sure your application is complete before you submit it. Incomplete applications or applications missing required documents will hold up your application process. If you start an application and need support to complete it or need to make changes, please contact

Learn more about preparing for a SelfDesign learning year>