Influence and change: Interview with Nikki Kenyon, outgoing Chief Learning Officer

2023-01-10T13:43:23-08:00October 27th, 2022|Who We Are|

Nikki is leaving SelfDesign! OVer the past 15 years, she has been a SelfDesign parent, learning consultant, former chief learning officer, principal and vice principal. We spoke to Nikki about her SelfDesign experiences and the changes she has seen unfold and been part of at SelfDesign.

Has science left your kids feeling bamboozled? We’ve got just the guy to help

2022-10-26T10:27:33-07:00October 26th, 2022|HomeLearners Network, Who We Are|

Main feature photo and photo above by Sean St. Denis Affectionately compared to a goblin shark, and sometimes – rarely – the more pleasant “baby duck” by kids who’ve taken his HomeLearners Network (HLN) Activities, our newest Guide, [...]

Sending Healthy and Happy Signals to the Brain with Your Digits is the Real Digital

2022-11-22T15:45:14-08:00September 14th, 2022|HomeLearners Network, Who We Are|

Meet HomeLearnersNetwork Guide, Amber Santos! Muralist, musician, dancer, hockey mama and amateur surfer, Amber is a person of many talents. She identified as an artist at an early age, and explores art in all its forms with a focus on visual arts. Having spent over 20 years as a professional artist and over 12 years teaching art with SelfDesign Learning Community (SDLC), she’s grateful she can create safe spaces for kids to express themselves and connect with others as a Guide for HomeLearners Network.

Faces of SelfDesign: Insights from Lori Bender, SelfDesign Home Learning coordinator, Subscriptions steward, and our MineCraft group server administrator

2022-08-17T09:06:52-07:00August 17th, 2022|Who We Are|

Lori draws on years of behind-the-scenes experience administering and supporting SelfDesign offerings to share her insights and tips on how families can make the most of their SelfDesign learning experience

Faces of SelfDesign: Michael Bender, SelfDesign educator and MineCraft teacher lead, on listening, seeing, noticing and kindness

2022-05-04T12:03:52-07:00February 23rd, 2022|Who We Are|

This SelfDesign educator’s own experiences and interests in technology and board and video games, and his training as a social worker, help him to connect with and support diverse learners interested in exploring technology.

Faces of SelfDesign: Meet Darrell Letourneau, Ed Support: Subscriptions

2022-02-11T14:04:45-08:00January 13th, 2022|Who We Are|

Darrell Letourneau is responsible for managing SelfDesign’s popular online subscription accounts. He works with the SelfDesign Educational Programs team to assess individual subscription offerings to ensure they align with our core community values of equitability and access and they follow our learners’ passions and interests while providing tonnes of fun.

Faces of SelfDesign: It comes down to relationship – Corinne Metcalfe, Support Education Services team lead

2021-12-14T17:21:20-08:00December 14th, 2021|Who We Are|

SelfDesign learning consultant and Support Education Services Team Coordinator Corinne Metcalfe brings to her role deep and broad experience working with children with special needs. This includes nine years as a SelfDesign learning consultant, 15 coordinating programs for children with special needs at schools around the world, and over 10 years as a special education teacher and inclusion consultant in Alberta. She has also overseen university practicum programs for special education assistants-in-training. In this interview with Corinne, she shares her experiences and insights about her work.