It’s National Occupational Health and Safety Week, but at SelfDesign, we consider the health, safety and wellness of all members of our community a priority every day of the year. We understand that when we feel our best, we can do our best. We know that collaborating with our community to support its overall wellbeing will help us to continue delivering what we consider to be the best educational opportunities available to learners in B.C.

That’s why we offer a full suite of wellness resources and information to support our learners, families and contractors.
For example, we recently launched STRIVE for our learners in grades 10 to 12.

STRIVE stands for “self-advocate, technology-able, resilient, independent, visionary, and equipped.” Its purpose is to encourage learners to see the potential in themselves and to embody the essence of self-advocacy and self-sufficiency. STRIVE contains a host of helpful and inspirational resources organized around the themes of Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Our Health, Safety & Wellness Hub is another new resource at SelfDesign designed to support our contractors in their work. This online space provides easy, one-stop access to resources such as SelfDesign’s Occupational Health and Safety policies and COVID-19 protocols and health checks. It also includes safety tips for working at home and in the community, mental health and self-care supports, and other helpful health, safety and wellness materials.

Parents and families can also benefit from a new addition to A SelfDesign Path, our interactive, online course for parents. The new module emphasizes the importance of self-care for the family as a whole. The tips and teachings are also shared more broadly with parents and learners through our Bulletin announcements to all SelfDesign families.

Each of these targeted resources expands on our primary collection of health, safety and wellness resources, our Family Services’ virtual Brochure Rack. This digital collection provides materials and resources for all members of the SelfDesign community.

By supporting the health, safety and wellness needs of our contractors, learners and families, the entire SelfDesign community becomes stronger.

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